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How to Find the Best POS
Cutting-Edge Point of Sale Technology


Following are problems with POS systems. You need either a new POS or need to replace your old one. Unfortunately, not all alternatives are the same…

Old Equipment

Some vendors sell outdated equipment, their handheld terminal doesn’t print at the table (so you must run back and forth), you can’t process if the Internet dies, there are no hostess tablets, and no kitchen display screens (you’re still shouting orders).

Junky POS

Don’t have native online ordering (you must rely on Uber Eats, DoorDash, or GrubHub—at 15-30% commissions… they quickly eat your profits!). Or, no online reservations or a waitlist. This should be a common post Covid!

Pathetic Restaurant Management

Many use old systems—weak at tracking inventory, company supplies, customer engagement, or employee management.

Limited Mobile Access

Some have a mobile app, but it is only good for reports—you can’t run your business from home if needed.

Lousy Support

Many vendors do NOT have local-in-person support, equipment delivery is slow and there is no phone support.

Used-Car Price Gouging

Some of the most popular alternatives bait you with intro pricing and then gouge you when the “real” price kicks in or they charge for installation, software, integrations, or high equipment prices, Here’s your lollypop! (Think you’re a sucker)


So, how do you quickly get the latest equipment, guarantee access to cutting-edge POS systems, ensure you have a top-tier management system, run your business through your mobile phone, get top-notch support for any potential issues, and all at competitive rates?

Perhaps you should consider…


  • Iron clad security, never (ever) been breached.
  • 1st to invent tokenization – Over 25 years in business.
  • Awards include Vendor Award of Excellence and Shopping Cart Provider of the Year, Merchant of the Year
  • Over 200,000 customer


  • Iron clad security, never (ever) been breached.
  • 1st to invent tokenization – Over 25 years in business.
  • Awards include Vendor Award of Excellence and Shopping Cart Provider of the Year, Merchant of the Year
  • Over 200,000 customer


There are five main reasons to consider Sky Payments Group

  1. BEST Equipment
  2. One of the BEST POS Systems
  3. BEST Restaurant Management
  4. BEST Mobile Access
  5. BEST One-on-One Support

Plus, the Price Performance Leader

Let’s consider each of these in detail


Includes all the common features like caller ID, Wi-Fi enablement, Real-time status displays, Split checks, Kitchen tickets, Video screens, and Real-time alerts. Plus unique features…

Hostess Tablets

Allows hostess to see available open tables, take reservations, control the waitlist, use wait staff to take orders and payments, allows the hostess and managers to be mobile throughout the restaurant.

Handheld Terminal with Printer

Cell-phone-sized Android tablet with printer allows you to take orders, and payments, generate a paper receipt, and capture instant customer feedback. Anything under a 4-star notifies the manager, any problems can be resolved immediately, ensuring higher online reviews. Plus, eliminates the three trips to the table which speeds checkout and reduces the queue and delays at the register.

4G Backup

Instantly and automatically become the primary connection for the Skytab Mobile devices if the Wi-Fi fails. So, you can keep running, even if your other tech systems don’t.


Includes common features like customized dashboards, and ability to set the menus, gift cards, and time clock, but most are native (not EXTRA like many alternatives). Plus…

Online Reservations—FREE

Customers to book reservations on a phone, tablet, or computer. It reduces staff time on the phone, ensures customers can easily book a reservation (without a busy signal), reduces no-shows (with auto-notifications), and helps determine daily staffing levels. Plus, it is included… so it does NOT need 3rd party systems like Open Table and the associated $250/month plus $1.25/reservation.

Integrated CMS

Easily integrate your POS with Facebook, Yelp, Google, and others, to help manage online reviews and optimize online ads. It also connects to Constant Contact, MailChimp, and others. It is a built-in marketing machine to increase traffic.

Cell-phone Waitlisting

Use the customer’s cell phone to call or text when their table is ready. Eliminates the expensive “hockey pucks” (and the replacement cost when they “walk-off”), reduces crowded waiting areas, and creates a better experience (and much better online reviews).


Includes common features like Product Management, Kitchen Management, Menu Management, KPIs, Access Control, Online Reporting, Inventory Management, and Accounting, along with unique features like:

FREE Online Marketplace

Seamlessly connect your POS with popular third-party online platforms like Liquor Control Apps and Delivery Apps (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats) at NO extra cost. Manage your setup, without spending hundreds of dollars—plus there are discounts when ordering through us (DoorDash is cheaper).

Remote Menu Management

Update and schedule different menus for specific times, offer happy hour discounts, and make all online changes in seconds from anywhere. Allowing Test and optimize pricing (and profits), or modify selections based on inventory.

Online Employee Management

Employees can view their online schedule and request changes, which you can modify and approve changes without physically visiting the workplace.

Detailed Management Dashboard

Shows sales by employee, location, best sellers, inventory levels, and warnings. Helps you coach, recognize, and motivate employees, helps prevent stock outs and minimizes wastage.

Remote Bookkeeping Access

Full built-in accounting, or FULL integration with QuickBooks (some competitors only have minor integration). Secure remote access so you or your bookkeeper can log in remotely.

In-System Ordering

Order equipment, inventory, and supplies within the system (paper, ink, additional skytab devices, glasses, or even an extra POS). Shop quickly, and then immediately jump back into your business.


Includes common features like Restaurant management, QR Code Ordering, and Contactless Payments. Plus, one of the industry’s most popular mobile apps…

“In-Charge” App

One of the most popular and full-featured mobile restaurant apps in the industry. Available for iPhone or Android. Direct access to the back office. Over 90% of the backend can be managed within the app. Easily manage voids and adjustments remotely, apply discounts as needed, review each waiter’s revenues, dollars per table, and detailed stats…all remotely and real-time.

Apple Pay (mobile and watch)

It is easy and secure to pay with your phone or even your Apple Watch, making checkout quicker, and their last experience positive (helps reviews).


World-class customer support team that is available to customers 24/7/365 and is dedicated to resolving every question.

Free Installation

100% free, unlike alternatives that charge high installation rates, included with every POS, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Local Setup, Service, and Training

Many popular alternatives provide No setup, service, or training—it is 100% self-serve. A few offer remote virtual support. you get on-site remote and on-site help—whatever it takes to quickly get you set up and ready for business.

Quick Equipment Turnaround

If you ever break a printer or drop a handheld, we do free overnight shipping (including Saturday) so you are back up and running as soon as possible.


Competitive POS pricing

No charge for the software, NO $4-5k upfront hardware expense, Uses a Hybrid SaaS model, there is NO upgrade cost.

Paper and Ink included

No extra cost for the paper and ink (only pay for shipping).

No Long-Term Contracts

No contract if you only need the software system (you already have your own hardware). Otherwise, a one-year agreement, other systems charge for everything (hardware POS, software, install) and lock you in for 3 years with “trial period” pricing–and then you get a massive price hike (some have even doubled).


Now that you can see some of the advantages of Sky Payments, what’s holding you back? Following are common questions.

$29 per month for each complete system (POS, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer)
Each Kitchen printer costs $10/month
Handhelds are $15/month
Menu design, Full installation, Training is included at no extra charge
Unlike others, that charge thousands up front for equipment, plus high setup costs, and major increases after your long-term contract expires

None if you only need the software
One year on the equipment
Plus, it includes a 30-day trial period

It is usually set up within 2 weeks


Yes. FIRST in the industry to do it

Yes. Integrate at NO cost
Plus you can get special pricing through us


Old Life – Outdated Equipment

You’ve got 3 waiters in line at the cash register—that’s sloppy

Everyone is still shouting the orders into the kitchen or using cryptic handwriting (sounds like a burger joint)

Around 5 pm the phone starts ringing—and you know you’ve lost some business since it rings busy

You think, “If you only had online ordering”

You tried Uber Eats and DoorDash, but their commissions ate up your profitsThere’s no online schedule, so your server didn’t show up—so you’re shorthanded (again)

You did get a new mobile app, but it’s only good for reports

You are chained to the restaurant and can’t work from home

Life sucks

Your NEW life

You just swapped to Sky Payments

Electronic orders are now taken at the table (and show up on the kitchen monitors in seconds—no confusion or delays)

Payments are received and receipts are printed tableside—no more long queues at the register

Folks come in with online reservations or to pick up orders… no more missed business because of a busy phone

You’ve got drivers making deliveries, but you process the payments directly (no 15-30% DoorDash “scalping” fees)

And if you get a call to override a payment mistake (since you’re at home)—your mobile app makes it simple to approve

Your operation runs much smoother, your reviews are higher, you’re turning more tables, & paying less fees

Profits are up, stress is down

Life is Good

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