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Bring Modern Technology to Your Cafe or Bakery With Our POS Solutions

Harness the power of our cutting-edge hardware, mobile payment solutions, and credit card processing without fees to elevate your business to new heights.

Innovative Cafe & Bakery POS Systems for Improved Efficiency Nationwide

Cafes and bakeries encounter numerous financial challenges, with credit card transaction costs contributing to operational burdens. Sky Payments Group addresses these concerns through cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) systems. We offer different options for commercial-grade systems, like tableside, curbside, handheld, and kitchen display systems. Each unit comes with a lifetime warranty, and you won’t have to worry about setup, as our certified technicians will install them for you.

In addition to standard POS features, our systems offer analytic and profitability reports, enabling cafe owners and bakers to improve workforce management and streamline their operations. Ultimately, our company assists your establishment within this competitive market.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program With a Robust Cloud-Based POS System

Sky Payment Group’s advanced restaurant POS software, tailored for bakeries and cafes, turns one-time customers into lifelong patrons. Our POS system collects customer information like names and emails, which helps with email marketing campaigns and personalizes table service.

Collecting and organizing customer data empowers businesses to customize promotional initiatives, send targeted offers, and engage with customers on a more personal level. Furthermore, our system facilitates real-time customer feedback collection, enabling bakeries and cafes to effectively refine services and manage online reputations. It is time for you to turn every customer experience into an opportunity for customer loyalty with Sky Payments Group.

Eliminate Credit Card Fees With Sky Payments Group

Cafes and bakeries often grapple with substantial interchange fees that eat into their profits. These monthly fees can be burdensome, taking money from the cash drawer that should go to improving your business’s operations.

Sky Payments Group replaces variable by-swipe payment processing fees with a flat monthly payment of $15. Our no-fee credit card processing alleviates worries about paying banks per transaction, freeing up funds for restaurant growth or financial flexibility.

Alongside our support services, which include swift and straightforward small business loans, we extend our assistance to bakeries nationwide. Explore the advantages Sky Payments Group can bring to your restaurant by scheduling a demo today.

Improve Menu & Inventory Management with Sky Payments Group's Advanced POS Hardware

For the success of your business, efficient menu management is essential. Sky Payments Group’s cutting-edge bakery and cafe POS system simplifies menu updates by allowing seamless modification of items. Real-time synchronization guarantees consistency across all terminals, improving the ordering process and customer service.

The user-friendly interface reduces order processing times, minimizing errors. Our bakery and cafe POS system’s hardware options help your team efficiently manage menus, sales, and inventory. This allows them to focus on providing an excellent experience for customers.

Our 21st-Century Payment Solutions

Poynt Countertop POS System

A Point-of-Sale in the palm of your hand
Promote customer empowerment through a sophisticated, customer-facing screen that grants control over their checkout experience, fostering confidence and transparency through a single device. Our POS system lets you enter products and services into the terminal and easily report transactions to your online portal. Increase your capabilities beyond simple transactions by gaining complete control of sales management.

$250 for equipment & $15 per month

SkyTab Mobile

WiFi & 4G Enabled
Effortlessly handle payments and manage sales using our mobile POS terminals, facilitating streamlined payment processing for debit card transactions. Our system guarantees a seamless and transparent checkout process for both you and your customers. It is designed to accommodate businesses with multiple locations for checkout, such as cafes and bakeries.

Free equipment & $15 per month

Pax S80

Your countertop workhorse
Successful business owners recognize the necessity of a POS system that adjusts to emerging payment methods to boost profitability. The Pax S80 ensures smooth transactions at your front counter, accommodating various payment forms—from traditional cards to contemporary options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless QR code payments. Improve your business with this state-of-the-art terminal that efficiently gets the job done.

Absolutely FREE of charge from Sky Payments Group

Sky Payments Group’s POS System for Bakeries & Cafes Can Improve Your Business

Helping navigate a dynamic industry, SkyTab Universe proves to be a game-changing solution for cafes, bakeries, and hospitality venues. Infused with cutting-edge technology and versatile features, our innovative systems deliver a superior experience for patrons and businesses.

By streamlining payment processes, increasing customer engagement, and optimizing overall operations, SkyTab Universe provides a comprehensive toolkit. SkyTab Universe can help your cafe or bakery stand out and stay ahead in the modern day.

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