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21st-Century Analytics for 21st-Century Hospitality

See into the beating core of your restaurant with real-time data & easy-to-read reports.

Restaurant Reporting and Analytics in Boston, MA and Nationwide

Your restaurant or hospitality operation is a complex entity. Cut through the guesswork to master labor, inventory, best-selling items, and so much more with Sky Payments Group reporting and analytics.

Better Business Through Data

Sky Payments Group’s proprietary POS back office hub, Lighthouse, gives you the tools you need to make smarter, data-driven moves.

Analyze Sales from Top to Bottom

Get a high-level overview or drill down into the details of a specific point of sale report.

Multi-Location Reporting

Compare POS analytics from one store or multiple locations through easy-to-read reports.

Customizable Dashboard

Outfit your dashboard to match your unique needs with widgets that put the most important info at your fingertips.

Online Reputation Management

Cut off bad reviews at the pass with built-in customer satisfaction surveys. Don’t let the competition get a leg up. Resolve customer concerns on the spot instead.

Put the Back Office in Your Back Pocket

Stay in charge and in the know by keeping a pulse on your business regardless of where you are. The InCharge Mobile App keeps you as the name suggests.

Your Sales Data Command Center

Raw data, comprehensive charts, trend comparisons—whatever you need to visualize the present and future success of your business, Sky Payments Group reporting supports.

  • X and Z reports
  • Sales summary
  • Sales detail
  • Transaction and tender type reports
  • Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Sales tax
  • Cash drawer report

A Booster Rocket for Your Profit Margins

Maximize your bottom line by keeping a close and constant eye on product and inventory reports.

  • Best-selling items
  • Worst-selling items
  • Inventory valuation
  • Vendor reports
  • Gross Profit Margin (GPM%)
    Product mix report
    Inventory adjustments

Understand and Manage Labor

Monitor performance, manage schedules, and identify top earners from those who need a little more training.

  • Time clock
  • X and Z reports
  • Pay rates
  • Earnings
  • Taxes

Build Relationships With Your Customers

Supercharge customer loyalty by understanding references, purchasing habits, and keeping a tab on big events.

  • Customer loyalty program report
  • Milestone reports for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Customer spend amount per visit and cumulative
  • Frequency of purchases

Turn Your Reports into Actionable Intel

With easy-to-read, real-time data at your fingertips, you always know your next move.

Marketing and Loyalty Tools
Online Reputation Management
Labor Management
Online Ordering
Reservation Management
Point of Sale Integrations

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