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Get Off the Ground & Into Orbit With Our Restaurant POS Solution

Combine our leading-edge hardware with mobile payment solutions & no-fee credit card processing for the boost you need.

Restaurant POS

Masterfully Engineered Restaurant POS Systems in Boston, MA & Nationwide

Restaurants are often burdened with various expenses, including inventory, wages, utilities, and rent. Adding the cost of credit card transactions can make it even more challenging to stay afloat, especially with slim profit margins, slow table turnover, and a disjointed workforce. Fortunately, Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems like Sky Payments Group can solve these challenges.

Sky Payments Group offers a range of Restaurant POS systems, including tableside, curbside, handheld, and kitchen display options. These systems are designed to be commercial-grade and installed on-site by certified technicians, and they also come with a lifetime warranty. In addition to traditional POS functionalities, Sky Payments Group’s Restaurant POS systems provide restaurants with valuable analytics and profitability reports, allowing them to optimize their workforce and streamline operations during busy periods. With these tools, restaurants can overcome financial challenges and thrive in today’s competitive market.

5 Star Customer Review on Mobile Phone

Create a Loyalty Program & Improve Marketing With a Reliable POS System for Restaurants

Our state-of-the-art restaurant POS software goes beyond seamless table service; it is a powerful tool to improve your marketing capabilities. With the ability to handle customer information, including emails, our POS system becomes the linchpin of a successful email marketing campaign. By collecting and managing valuable customer data, such as email addresses, you gain the ability to tailor promotional campaigns, send targeted offers, and engage with your patrons on a more personalized level.

Furthermore, the system facilitates customer feedback collection, allowing you to refine your services based on real-time insights. You can take charge of your online reputation by harnessing the potential of our POS system. It’s time to turn each dining experience into an opportunity to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Master the art of table service and marketing synergy with Sky Payments Group.

POS systems for restaurant

Ditch the Credit Card Fees Once and For All

Banks and other card issuers count on restaurants like yours to accept the status quo. But interchange fees can cost you tens of thousands monthly, limiting reinvestment and withering your margins. At Sky Payments Group, there’s a solution for that.

Our no-fee credit card processing substitutes by-swipe fees for a single monthly payment of $15—giving you back the funds you need to create much-needed wiggle room or grow your business by adding another server or cook. You won’t have to worry about paying banks every time the card reader is used to pay you.

Quick and easy small business loans round out our deep support services for restaurants nationwide. So, what can Sky Payments Group do for your restaurant? Schedule a demo today to find out.

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Increase Menu & Inventory Management Capabilities With Sky Payments Group's Proven POS Hardware

Efficient menu management is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant operation, and with our cutting-edge POS system, Sky Payments Group ensures a seamless and intuitive solution. Our POS system simplifies menu updates, enabling restaurateurs to add, modify, or remove items as needed. This dynamic menu management streamlines the ordering process and enhances the overall customer service experience. With real-time synchronization across all terminals, you can ensure consistency in menu offerings, pricing, and promotions.

The system’s user-friendly interface empowers staff to navigate effortlessly through the menu, reducing order processing times and minimizing errors. With real-time sales reporting available among our hardware options, your team can track the inventory levels of certain products. Our system makes menu management a breeze so you can focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience.

Our 21st-Century Payment Solutions

Poynt Countertop POS System

A Point-of-Sale in the palm of your hand
A sleek, customer-facing screen puts them in charge of their own checkout, building confidence and transparency with a single device. POS software allows you to enter products and services right into the terminal and report those transactions to your online portal. Go beyond handling transactions to fully manage sales.

$250 for equipment & $15 per month

SkyTab Mobile

WiFi & 4G Enabled
Take payments and manage sales wherever your customers are. With or without an internet connection, you can meet your customers anywhere for handheld sales at the drop of a hat. Streamline payment and maximize service for optimal customer satisfaction and fully integrated POS management.

Free equipment & $15 per month

Pax S80

Your countertop workhorse
For industries of all stripes, “cash or card” simply won’t cut it anymore. As payment methods diversify and advance, you need a POS system that handles it all. The Pax S80 brings peace and order to your front counter by accepting all forms of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless QR code payment. This leading-edge terminal simply gets it done.

Absolutely FREE of charge from Sky Payments Group

Explore How Sky Payments Group Helps Restaurants

Across the nation, delis, neighborhood bistros, fine dining, and fast casual restaurants need every advantage they can get to weather a changing industry. SkyTab Universe can take you above the weather.

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