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Accelerate Your Business for Maximum Profitability

At Sky Payments Group, we’re dedicated to streamlining payment collection & processing to put the power & profits back where they belong: Your pocket!


Revolutionary POS Systems in Boston, MA and Nationwide

Sky Payments is a strategic partner that can benefit both large and small businesses, regardless of whether they are profitable or struggling. This partnership is particularly advantageous for restaurant, hospitality, sports, and gaming businesses. By utilizing Sky Payment Group’s communicative and centralized point-of-sale systems, credit card processing with no fees, mobile payment solutions, and access to small business loans, businesses can increase their profits and overall success. Whether you’re looking to break free from the limitations holding your business back or accelerate its growth to new heights, Sky Payments Group, located in Boston, MA, and beyond, can provide the boost you need.

Powering Leading Brands of Every Variety

200,000+ Partners & Counting

Powering Leading Brands of Every Variety

200,000+ Partners & Counting

Revolutionary POS Systems

Sky Payments Group: A Solution that works!

If our solutions seem engineered to solve the exact problems you’re facing, that’s because we’ve been in your shoes before. As former restaurant owners and service industry professionals, we know the headaches of the space. Our acute insights and past struggles power us through everything we do and each service we provide.

Frustrations with unadaptable POS systems can cost you joy as much as profit. To make matters worse, banks charge outrageous interchange fees every time you swipe a credit card, limiting your ability to make a living and your growth potential simultaneously. By offering relief to some of the most common hurdles throughout the hospitality and entertainment industries, we hope to put more of your own money back into your pocket and more of your joy back into your heart. Let Sky Payments Group lend you a hand we would have wanted when you were in your shoes.

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