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POS System for Restaurants

Smart Payment Solutions and No-Fee Credit Card Processing

For over 200,000 companies and counting, Sky Payments Group accelerates revenue, reveals opportunities, and enables sky-high business growth. From contactless and mobile payment solutions to game-changing, no-fee credit card processing, we make payment simpler, customers happier, and profits bigger across the board.

Rely on our intelligent, fully integrated POS platforms for data-driven insights. Or put more money into your pocket today by eliminating interchange fees. For every industry, count on Sky Payments Group to find the solution your business needs for maximum growth.

Estimated Monthly Savings

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Simple Solutions for Complex Commerce


Streamline payment operations with our end-to-end solutions.


Protect client data with ironclad security technology.


Grow your business exponentially on our global platform.


Eliminate processing fees with our revolutionary Advantage Program.

A Global Leader in Financial Technology

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Powering Leading Brands of Every Variety

200,000+ Partners & Counting

Powering Leading Brands of Every Variety

200,000+ Partners & Counting

Ready to Get Started?

Eliminate credit card processing fees with our Advantage Program today or learn how our fully integrated mobile & contactless POS systems improve your business reputation and understanding. Don’t react—anticipate with Sky Payment Group today.

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