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Hotel Restaurant
POS Systems

Introduce Modern Technology to Your Hotel Restaurant with Our POS Solutions

Unlock the potential of our state-of-the-art hardware, mobile payment solutions, and fee-free credit card processing to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Innovative Hotel Restaurant POS Systems for Improved Efficiency Nationwide

Sky Payments Group stands at the forefront of technological innovation, providing state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) systems tailored to empower hotel restaurants in navigating operational challenges. Issues our POS systems solve include front-of-house guest experience and business operational issues such as high credit card transaction costs.

Our comprehensive range of options includes commercial-grade systems designed for various settings, including tableside, curbside, handheld, and kitchen display systems. Every unit has advanced technology and a lifetime warranty, showing our dedication to quality and durability. Furthermore, our certified technicians ensure worry-free installation, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your hotel restaurant’s operations.

These advanced POS systems offer an array of analytic and profitability reports. Each report provides valuable insights that empower hotel owners to improve workforce management and streamline operations. Choose our POS systems for efficient and successful hotel restaurant operations in the changing hospitality industry.

Bring a Customer Loyalty Program to Your Hotel Restaurant With a Cloud-Based POS System

Sky Payment Group’s sophisticated restaurant POS software, designed specifically for hotel restaurants, transforms first-time vacationers into repeat customers. Our POS system gathers customer information, including names and emails, facilitating email marketing campaigns and the overall guest experience.

The systematic collection and organization of customer data empower businesses to tailor promotional initiatives, send gift cards, and engage with customers on a more personal level. Additionally, our system streamlines real-time customer feedback collection, enabling hotel restaurants to refine services and manage online reputations effectively. Build a brand new customer loyalty program with Sky Payments Group.

Say Goodbye to Credit Card Fees With Sky Payments Group

Hotel restaurants often contend with significant interchange fees that burden them with monthly charges that could otherwise improve their operational capabilities. This financial strain hinders potential improvements in every aspect of the hotel, from the gift shop and restaurant bars to the rest of the establishment’s food and beverage operations.

Sky Payments Group eliminates variable by-swipe payment processing fees by introducing a fixed monthly payment of $15. Our no-fee credit card processing relieves concerns about paying banks per transaction, liberating funds for hotel restaurant growth, or increased financial flexibility. Explore Sky Payments Group’s advantages to your hotel POS by scheduling a demo today.

Effectively Manage Inventory with Sky Payments Group's Advanced POS Hardware

To make your business successful, you need an excellent menu management system. Sky Payments Group offers a modern POS system for hotel restaurants that makes success attainable. Our system simplifies menu updates by allowing for the modification of items, guaranteeing real-time synchronization for consistency across all terminals. This improves not only the ordering process but also customer service.

The user-friendly interface is designed to reduce order processing times, minimizing errors for a smoother operation. With hardware options tailored for hotel restaurants, our POS system assists your team in efficiently managing menus, sales, inventory, room service, and employee management. This method helps them focus on providing customers with a great experience.

Our 21st-Century Payment Solutions

Poynt Countertop POS System

A Point-of-Sale in the palm of your hand
Improve the customer experience with an advanced customer-facing screen, providing control over the checkout experience for confidence and transparency. Our POS system enables seamless entry of products and services, with easy transaction reporting to your online portal. Elevate capabilities by attaining complete control over sales management.

$250 for equipment & $15 per month

SkyTab Mobile

WiFi & 4G Enabled
Effortlessly manage payments and sales with our mobile POS terminals, ensuring streamlined processing for debit card transactions. Our system, designed to accommodate hotels with multiple checkout locations, provides you and your customers with a seamless and transparent checkout experience.

Free equipment & $15 per month

Pax S80

Your countertop workhorse
Savvy hotel managers understand the importance of a flexible POS system that adapts to evolving payment methods for profitability. The Pax S80 guarantees seamless transactions at your front counter, accepting various payment forms—from traditional cards to modern options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless QR code payments. Improve your hotel restaurant with this efficient state-of-the-art terminal.

Absolutely FREE of charge from Sky Payments Group

Sky Payments Group’s POS System for Hotel Restaurants Can Improve Your Business

SkyTab Universe is a revolutionary solution for hotel restaurants and other hospitality venues in the competitive hospitality industry. With cutting-edge technology and versatile features, our innovative systems offer a superior experience for guests and businesses alike.

By simplifying payment processes, improving customer engagement, and optimizing overall operations, SkyTab Universe presents a comprehensive toolkit. Elevate your hotel’s prominence and stay ahead in the modern era with the capabilities of SkyTab Universe.

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