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POS Systems Engineered for Dining, Entertainment, and Hospitality Industries

Built to last, designed to communicate, our POS Systems come with a lifetime warranty & available no-fee credit card processing.

Power Up Your Profits with Purpose-Built POS Systems in Boston, MA and Nationwide

Sky Payments Group excels in fast, simple, and centralized point-of-sale platforms for restaurants and the hospitality industry at large. Our leading-edge hardware and intelligent software optimize your daily operation for speed while streamlining revenue with no-fee credit card processing. Best of all, each of our systems comes with a lifetime warranty. How can Sky Payments Group take your business into orbit?

Leading-Edge Point of Sale Solutions

SkyTab POS

Empower your workforce by centralizing orders, payments, and performance data collection. SkyTab POS systems adapt quickly to menu and price changes while using analytics to tactically suggest improvements for your operation.

  • Flawless performance
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Integrated customer display
SkyTab Mobile

To go where other businesses can’t, you have to do what other businesses won’t. Ditch the cash register and make tableside, curbside, or 50-yard-line transactions easier with SkyTab Mobile. True to its name, our Mobile hardware goes wherever you need it to.

  • Accept payments anywhere
  • Mobile ordering capabilities
  • Built-in customer surveys
SkyTab Glass

SkyTab Glass takes tableside service into the stratosphere with an 8” screen for an exceptional user experience. Spare your customers and your staff from time-consuming payment rituals and flip tables faster with this fully mobile POS system.

  • Purpose-built hardware
  • Complete POS software
  • Optimal 8” screen size
SkyTab Kitchen Display System

For restaurants, success starts in the kitchen. Easy-to-read graphics on a 22” interface make prioritizing the next task as easy as a quick glance. Centralized kitchen display systems communicate with all other POS hardware for seamless operation.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Large 22” display
  • Touchscreen controls

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Smash the status quo and ditch credit card processing fees by choosing a POS System that works for your business. To learn more about SkyTab POS systems, schedule your demo today.

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