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Cultivate and Keep a Dedicated Customer Database

Reward patronage & drive new interest to benefit the bottom line of today, tomorrow, & the foreseeable future.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs and Marketing in Boston, MA and Nationwide

Excellent food and flattering word of mouth can take you far. But without a loyalty and marketing plan, that’s as far as you’re likely to get. Encourage repeat visits and master the ongoing customer experience with Sky Payments Group.

Generate Brand Loyalty for a Boosted Bottom Line

Your community of dedicated diners starts with Sky Payments Group loyalty and marketing tools. Turn first-time guests into regulars and power up your reputation without limits.

Points-Based Rewards

Encourage repeat visits by rewarding customers with points for every dollar they spend. Discounts and free items track automatically to deepen your bond.

Tailor-Made Campaigns

Deliver personalized promotions through customer lists and hone your messaging to new and existing customers.

Customer Retention

Stay top-of-mind when it’s time to dine by keeping engaged with first-time, repeat, or future guests.

Actionable Insights

Data-driven marketing provides insights into customer behavior so you can bob and weave when adapting your campaign for success.

Sharpen Your Email Marketing

Stay at the top of your clientele’s inbox and transform emails into orders.

Dedicated Customer Database

Seamlessly capture customer information at the point of sale to grow your database one table at a time.

Turnkey Marketing

Set up email campaigns with a few simple clicks by using preprogrammed, professionally designed templates.

Expand Your Customer Base with Gift Cards

Become an experience that others want to give and receive.

Multi-Channel Gift Cards

Traditional and digital gift cards maximize convenience and make it that much easier for new guests to visit.

Custom Designs

Design your cards to reinforce your brand. Choose from a variety of templates before full customization begins.

Gift Card Management

SkyTab POS systems help you sell, redeem, reload, and manage gift cards through a fully-integrated platform.

Master Your Online Presence

Don’t wait for good reviews or dread the bad ones—control the narrative instead.

Social Media Management

Manage all social media accounts from a central hub and spend more time connecting with your audience.

Manage Online Reviews

Respond to complaints and give thanks for compliments by monitoring the discussion online.

Build Loyalty ASAP

Designate a reward points amount for each dollar customers spend

Create loyalty tiers to incentivize customers at every reward level

Enable customers to easily redeem points when they pay the bill

Have Your Own Marketing Tools?

No problem. SkyTab POS systems integrate with third-party apps & software.

Loyalty and Marketing Management for Every Restaurant

Full-Service Restaurants
Quick-Service Restaurants
Nightclubs and Bars
Pizza Shops
Coffee Shops
Multi-Location Enterprise

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