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Medical Solutions

Keep more money for your practice.

Payment Solutions for Medical Professionals

Plastic surgeons, corrective surgeons, and others throughout the medical industry can stop paying card issuers or insurance providers and start paying themselves instead. Reinvest in your medical practice with these payment solutions from Sky Payments Group.

Make and Keep More Profits from Elective Surgeries and Healthcare

As a medical professional or surgeon, you’re already used to insurance companies squeezing your profit margins. But credit card processing fees are extra salt in the wound. Your specialized services command a specialized price, but with profits flying away from your business in every direction, it can be hard to reinvest in growth. At Sky Payments Group, we help you hold onto more of your revenue.

With our first-of-its-kind Advantage Program, you keep everything you were paying in credit card interchange fees before. That’s tens of thousands of dollars each and every month that you can reinvest in new equipment, personnel, or marketing. Stitch up the endless cycle of profit sharing and keep more of your revenue with Sky Payments Group today.

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Introducing Our No-Fee Advantage Program

Elective surgeries and other services carry costs not covered by insurance, especially credit card interchange fees. Most offices pay 2.75% to 4% for every transaction. In a midsize practice, this can add up to $15,000 per month, representing as much as 10% or more of your profit margin. Our Advantage Program puts that cycle to bed by giving you that money back. Here’s how.

How It Works

Step 1

At check out, your customer can use any major credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Step 2

The system will automatically add the 4% fee once you add the amount, and your customer will complete the transaction.

Step 3

The 4% covers all your merchant fees at the point of transaction. If your service costs $100, that is what you will see in your deposit.

Medical Experience for Payment Solution Excellence

At Sky Payments Group, we partner with veteran medical professionals to tailor our Advantage Program for the elective surgical industry. We leverage the experience of industry insiders to pinpoint the advantages of no-fee processing for healthcare providers of every stripe. This ensures meaningful results based on your business model. To learn more about how we tailor no-fee processing for healthcare providers, contact us today.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Advantage Program?

Bariatric Surgeons

Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors


Orthopedic Practices

Cosmetic Surgeons

Corrective Surgeons

General Surgeons


Our 21st-Century Payment Solutions

Poynt Countertop POS System

A Point-of-Sale in the palm of your hand
A sleek, customer-facing screen puts them in charge of their own checkout, building confidence and transparency with a single device. POS software allows you to enter products and services right into the terminal and report those transactions to your online portal. Go beyond handling transactions to fully manage sales.

$250 for equipment & $15 per month

SkyTab Mobile

WiFi & 4G Enabled
Take payments and manage sales wherever your customers are. With or without an internet connection, you can meet your customers anywhere for handheld sales at the drop of a hat. Streamline payment and maximize service for optimal customer satisfaction and fully integrated POS management.

Free equipment & $15 per month

Pax S80

Your countertop workhorse
For industries of all stripes, “cash or card” simply won’t cut it anymore. As payment methods diversify and advance, you need a POS system that handles it all. The Pax S80 brings peace and order to your front counter by accepting all forms of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless QR code payment. This leading-edge terminal simply gets it done.

Absolutely FREE of charge from Sky Payments Group

Smart Features Increase Efficiency and Eliminate Costs

Our technology calculates the fee!

Retail, e-commerce, or card-not-present transactions

Next day funding

24/7/365 service & support

Visa and Mastercard network compliant

Compliant in all 50 States

Keep your books neat & optimize taxes

Ready to Reinvest in Your Medical Practice?

Unlike your patients, you shouldn’t be paying at your own point of sale. Ditch the interchange fees and put that money back into your practice with the Sky Payments Group Advantage Program. Our hardware, software, and no-fee processing puts that money back where it belongs—your pocket.

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