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Industries Served

Everyone can save with Sky Payments Group.

Grow Your Business with No-Fee Processing and Leading-Edge POS Systems

At Sky Payments Group, we believe that there’s hardly a customer-facing industry on planet Earth that benefits from ridiculous credit card fees and limited point-of-sale interactions. As such, we’ve dedicated our lineup of leading-edge POS systems and our one-of-a-kind Advantage Program to helping businesses grow.

Explore our mobile POS solutions, no-fee credit card processing Advantage Program, and other payment solutions to save your business tens of thousands of dollars each month. Accelerate growth and client satisfaction while expanding your business to meet your dreams where they live—in the stars.

The Industries We Serve

Skip paying card issuers and pay yourself instead with POS solutions from Sky Payments Group! We proudly serve the following industries and beyond. To start reinvesting in your business, contact us today.

Solutions For Everyone

No industry professional gets ahead of their competition by shelling out more money to third parties. Every business owner—from mom-and-pop shops to growing corporations—could do with fewer interchange fees and increased customer satisfaction. At Sky Payments Group, we deliver on both fronts with 21st-century solutions designed to grow 21st-century businesses.

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