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Meet Your Customers Wherever They Are

Secure, smart, & endlessly versatile apps & POS hardware can power your business to the sky & beyond.

The Latest Mobile Payment Solutions in Boston, MA and Nationwide

Today, the point of sale is not one fixed physical space. Successful businesses operate on two fronts—there are customers who come to you and there are customers you go to meet wherever they are.

Every business—from food trucks and pop-ups to restaurants and hotels—needs a mobile payment solution that’s as user-friendly at a table side as it is in a remote parking lot. With Sky Payments Group, you can find the ideal mobile payment solution that works for you.

At Sky Payments Group, we specialize in disruptive POS and mobile payment apps for industries of all kinds. Combined with our no-fee credit card processing, you can meet and make the most of your customers—wherever they happen to be.

Smart, Secure, and So Much More

Smart businesses need a combination of smart software and hardware to multiply their capabilities and their profits. Our mobile payment solutions go wherever your customers are while offering the latest features, functions, and data collection capabilities.

Our mobile POS hardware—SkyTab Mobile & SkyTab Glass—puts fluent payment power in the palm of your hand. Our InCharge mobile app provides invaluable insights into POS transactions, sales, and daily or weekly performance.

From your back pocket to your fully integrated and centralized on-site POS network, Sky Payments Group empowers you to make, review, and analyze sales nearly anywhere on the planet Earth.

Become a Mobile Payment Pioneer

Cash registers belong to the ages. These days, mobile payment solutions are powering acrobatic businesses of all kinds to meet and make the transactions that drive growth and reinvestment.

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