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Smart POS Systems for Out-of-This-World Table Service

Empower your restaurant with mobile POS systems, customer surveys, & email & data Capture to grow your brand.

Best POS System for Table Service in Boston, MA and Nationwide

For your diners, the table is a place to relax and enjoy. For you, the table is an opportunity to bolster your email marketing campaign, gather customer feedback, and manage your online reputation. Master table service with Sky Payments Group.

Transcend Traditional Tableside Service

SkyTab POS systems and features elevate tableside service for any kind of restaurant.

Fine Dining

Cater to your guests with options they never knew existed and curate a one-of-a-kind experience

Bars and Night Clubs

Fine-tune your VIP experience by decentralizing the point of sale, customizing items, and building your customer database.

Casual Dining

Make fast and easy faster and easier with curbside ordering, labor management, and marketing tools.

Hotel Restaurants

Surprise your guests with top-notch tableside service or parlay POS surveys into brand reputation and marketing campaigns.

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Every Palm is a Point of Sale

Make payment easier & use the opportunity to gather data while turning tables faster.

Mobile Ordering

Take orders from anywhere and conduct your front- and back-of-house operations like a symphony.


Meet your customers wherever they’re most comfortable by delivering the same exceptional service everywhere.

Pay at the Table

Make paying easier for customers and turn tables faster by skipping the bill holder & ditching the cash register altogether.

Explore Mobile Ordering and Payment

Contactless QR Code Technology

The future of menu access, ordering, and paying is here. Convenient for both your customers and your bottom line, Sky Payments Group’s QR code solutions diversify how you interact with customers & how they interact with you.

Take Guest and Table Management to the Next Level

Manage your business’s real estate to keep tables full, reservations flowing, smiles on faces, and profit in your pocket.

Manage Reservations

Taken online or offline, reservations are a breeze to sort and schedule with SkyTab POS systems.

Manage Waitlists

Balance a growing waitlist against current table availability, reservations, cancellations, and walk-ins.

Create Custom Floor Plans

Your layout is unique and it’s important that your POS system understands that. Sky Payments Group creates a plan to match your exact layout.

Explore Reservations and Waitlists

Best-in-Class Table Service

Easily tackle the most common table service headaches with a problem-solving POS system.

Menu Customization

Add menu items on the fly, create specials, and edit existing items in real-time for seamless operations and a better dining experience.

Unlimited Modifiers

Easily accommodate a variety of modifiers and special requests for optimal customer satisfaction.

FOH to BOH Communication

Like two halves of a brain, your front-of-house and back-of-house operations need constant communication. Sky Payments Grouop makes it easy.

Check Management

Avoid awkward math & uncomfortable moments by splitting checks by items or amounts. Transfer tables or merge checks with a single click.

Payments without Friction

Simplify payment processing or eliminate it altogether.

Accept All Payment Types

From cash to credit cards, debit cards to QR codes and NFC, SkyTab POS systems accept all modern forms of payment.

Ironclad Security

Keep your customer data secure with point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

Offline Credit Card Processing

Never suffer from a service disruption again. SkyTab POS systems accept credit card payments with or without an internet connection.

Next-Day Funding

Maximize your cash flow and start getting paid faster with next-day funding.

Built to Survive Full-Service Restaurants

Our durable, POS hardware marries form and function to thrive reliably in the most inhospitable hospitality environments.

SkyTab POS

With a sleek design, intuitive functions, and supremely powerful performance, our cutting-edge workstations also come with a lifetime warranty.

SkyTab Mobile

Conquer the curbside and transcend the tableside with our go-anywhere, handheld mobile POS system.

SkyTab Glass

Take your restaurant and your orders into the 21st-century with a dedicated table app that’s optimized for efficient ordering.

POS Pricing That Fits Your Budget

Sky Payments Group is more than a supplier—we’re your partner. Our Affordable POS systems are expertly installed and supported in perpetuity for a grand total of $0 in upfront costs.

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